Employee Health Checks to promote Health & Wellbeing in your Organisation

We partner with employers to deliver services that promote heath and wellbeing within their company. Our services include Employee Health Checks that help the individual identify risk factors in their family history and/ or lifestyle that increase the chance of them developing chronic disease, and flu vaccination programs to help businesses increase productivity, reduce absenteeism and show their employees they care.

When conducting Employee Health Checks our nurses are experts at being able to identify possible risk factors, and their ability to build trust and enquire without judgement means that these checks are highly beneficial to both employee and employer. The employee can develop a full understanding of any risk factors they may be exposed to, and the nurses will educate them to be able to make healthy lifestyle decisions that can reduce the chance of future health problems. The employer can gain a sense of satisfaction that they are contributing to the health of the employees, which not only helps the individual but also helps the company in productivity and more enjoyable place to work.


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The Employee Health Checks include;

  • Blood Pressure Cholesterol
  • Blood Sugar Level Waist Circumference
  • BMI(Height and Weight) Heart Disease risk
  • Diabetes risk Smoking
  • Education and Goal Setting Physical Activity
  • Letter of notification for GP

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Vaccination Programs

Our vaccination programs are coordinated locally, and can be tailored to fit your employees’ busy work schedules, with an on-site service that reduces disruption to the work day by ensuring employees time away from productive activities is minimised. The program is overseen by our team consisting of a Medical Practitioner and Pharmacist, and delivered by our Nurse Immunisers who provide a friendly and efficient service, ensuring comfort and peace of mind for your employees

We highly value the opportunity to work with members of our community to identify and prevent health risks before they become a concern.

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