Your Home Care is passionate about providing exceptional quality in-home care.
We are so much more than support.

Your Home Care was established in 2010 and offers personalised home care options to people of all ages and circumstances to help families manage the stressors of injury or illness, or those wanting to continue living in their own home.


Linda Delamotte is the Managing Director of Your Home Care and has built the business based on the delivery of outstanding community care.  Linda has recently been awarded, and formally recognised, as the Regional Winner of the 2017 Australian Leadership Excellence Awards.

With over 45 staff delivering over 1,000 hours of care per week, Your Home Care has an impressive team which has built a great reputation for their high level of care, accessibility and hands-on, personal management approach.

“We are passionate about providing exceptional care for clients and their loved ones. Care that improves their health and well-being. Our services achieve holistic outcomes by increasing the quality of life and inclusiveness, for the client, their families and the community.”           Linda Delamotte


We are a funded provider of Disability Services Qld under both the traditional model of delivery and we are a Host Provider under Your Life Your Choice. This means we have some flexibility in how we help you achieve your life goals and your quality of life.

We care for children and adults with physical, intellectual and mental health disabilities.

Like many others we are watching with anticipation to see what the implementation of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) provides our existing and future clients, and how we can take the journey with each individual to live the best life that they can.

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